Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Could See Tilly Becoming Captain

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There is little doubt that fans have high hopes for the crew of Discovery now that they have made it to the 32nd century. However, it looks like the cast of Star Trek: Discovery has even bigger dreams for their characters in Season 3. For instance, Mary Wiseman has just revealed how Ensign Slyvia Tilly could eventually become a Captain of her own ship.

Wiseman recently spoke to Inverse about the third season of Discovery where she spoke about Tilly's ongoing story arc in the series.

"This season feels a little closer to me," Wiseman said. "It's a place I've been anxious for Tilly to go. In Season 1 she was so green and so inexperienced. I don't think she had a very strong sense of self. The writers and showrunners have really kept me on my toes in terms of where she is going. She gains a kind of wisdom and self-assurance that I have been very eager to develop. Now, she's really coming into her own."

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Credit: CBS

How exactly is that going to happen? Interestingly, Wiseman revealed something interesting about her character when comparing Tilly to her Mirror Universe counterpart known as Killy.

"The biggest thing that Killy and Tilly have in common is sheer ambition. Tilly is very clear about that from the outset; she wants to be a Captain. Tilly is able to pursue that dream while still taking care of everyone around her. But she does have a short temper, and you might see more of that this year," she said.

This should be awesome considering that the possibilities are endless for Tilly and the rest of the Discovery crew. Needless to say, we can't wait to see Tilly fulfill her dream.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 airs on CBS All Access every Thursday.

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