Star Trek: Discovery EP Reveals Grudge the Cat's Origin Story

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The first episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 certainly did not waste time in introducing a new character who would help Michael Burnham find her way around the future. Luckily, we also got to meet Book's awesome furry companion who happens to have an interesting personality as well. Amazingly, Grudge the Cat was actually inspired by a real-life cat.

Discovery writer and executive producer Jenny Lumet recently spoke to where she admitted that she came up with the idea of introducing Grudge in the series.

"I invented this cat in season three, and this cat was actually based on a dog, a Pekinese dog that lived in a sleeve of my grandmother Lena Horne's kimono whose name was Nelly, and Nelly had her own cook named Irene," Lumet said. "So a kimono has a long sleeve, and then you put your companion dog in the sleeve and then you walk around like that, and for years I just thought Nelly was dead because she never did anything."

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Lumet went on to explain that the cat actor who plays Grudge doesn't like Sonequa Martin-Green, which should present an interesting dynamic in the third season.

"Grudge has a whole backstory," she stated. "She has a best friend. She's a really, really unpleasant cat and she makes things really miserable, and I think you have to have a character like that because I don't know if Nelly, who she is based on, is actively unpleasant, but it's just always there, like eyeing you. So I'm excited about Grudge wreaking her havoc and having very badly in space a thousand years from now."

For now, it looks like Grudge doesn't really mind Michael so much but this could change later on in the rest of Season 3.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 airs on CBS All Access every Thursday.


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