08 Oct 2018 9:31 AM +00:00 UTC

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Trailer Reveals Bearded Spock

The first season of Star Trek: Discovery ended up being a huge success for CBS and a treat for fans of the franchise. Despite its rough start and some of the drama that happened behind the scenes, fans were surprised by the quality we've seen thus far and hope the consistency is still there for season 2. Judging by the newest trailer, it looks like the second season will take some risks.

I mean, look at Spock; he has a beard now!

Joking aside, a lot of crazy events are shown off in the trailer for season 2 and they should excite fans of the series. A lot of the intrigue comes from the "red angel," who looks like a cosmic entity that will be destroying a whole lot of things. It's pretty creepy too since it makes people feel like "everything is going to be alright."


Anson Mount also gets a lot of screen time as original Star Trek character Christopher Pike. We also get to see the return of Captain Georgiou from the Mirror Universe, looking as evil as ever. She has somehow earned her freedom, which can't be good for Starfleet.

Considering how Discovery is supposed to be set ten years before the original Star Trek, having Spock appear and know of the previously mentioned red angel is going to change things a lot; maybe even for the better. Beards seem to be the in-thing right now and actor Ethan Peck definitely looks the part. His brief monologue near the end shows that he nails the voice of Spock, even sounding a bit like Zachary Quinto's version from the recent films.

Star Trek: Discovery season two will premiere on CBS All Access on January 17.

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