Star Trek: Discovery Actor Tells Fans to be Patient for Season 3

It's been a long wait for Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 and though a trailer or two have already been released, the Coronavirus has made things more difficult when it comes to the production. While we are in desperate need for entertainment, fans also need to realize that people make these shows and they can't just magically put everything in a box and make a serial. Dr. Hugh Culber actor Wilson Cruz has politely told fans to be patient when it comes to this show.

Though we understand everyone's patience, Cruz told fans that they would give out a new release date if they could so they should just try being patient for now. This also led to editor Scott Gamzon commenting, telling fans that there is still a lot of work to do and it's not easy to do it from home.

We're sure waiting for your favorite shows is excruciating, especially with the current epidemic making things more boring than they should be. Still, good things take time so fans need to chill out a bit as the next great Star Trek show is currently in production. Star Trek: Discovery has been consistently praised for great stories and interestingly diverse characters so you can see why the demand for season 3 is strong.

Fans can stream Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access.

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