Star Trek Producer Reveals Never-Before-Spotted Star Wars Easter Egg in The Voyage Home

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May the Fourth may have been yesterday, but fans are still celebrating Star Wars with Revenge of the Fifth. What's interesting is, Star Trek producer Kirk R. Thatcher has revealed that there is a never-before-spotted Easter Egg in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home referencing Star Wars.

Here's the post:


Seeing that Star Wars has a penchant for naming things after silly words, I can imagine that this reference would fly over a lot of fans' heads. If anything, it's interesting that this Easter Egg from a decades old movie was only found 34 years after its release; it wasn't even found, it had to be pointed out to us.

While fandoms like to pit Star Wars and Star Trek against one another, there's no doubt that the titles come hand in hand. Heck, I'm pretty sure J.J. Abrams broke that barrier when he went off to direct The Force Awakens after his success with the Star Trek reboot. Looking back, even his Trek reboot was filled to the brim with Star Wars references.

For now, the future of the Trek franchise has been put on hold thanks to the underperformance of Star Trek Beyond. If anything, it was really a goof in the marketing that lead to the film's downfall; a lot of fans thought the film was the best to come out of the Kelvin Timeline, and it was a shame that a lot weren't able to get over the fact that they decided to use Sabotage in the preview.


No announcement has been made for the next Star Trek movie.

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