Star Trek: Discovery Actor Doug Jones Teases the Mysteries to Come in Season 3

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Star Trek fans are waiting a little longer than expected for the third season of Star Trek: Discovery. The series is currently being worked on from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, which certainly contributes to slowing the process down. That said, actor Doug Jone provides fans an update on the season's status and what to expect in the upcoming episodes.


"I thought I had a guesstimate of when season three was going to start airing," Jones told TrekMovie. "But I have been proven wrong because post-production not being able to work at the pace it would have normally without a pandemic."

"So, I don't know when season three will air," the actor added. "I understand why people are wondering. It has been a while since season two wrapped and the storyline left you hanging with us jumping into the future." Jones says he doesn't blame the fans who are left "wanting more" but he promises that the third season is coming.

With a big jump through time featured at the end of the second season, Jones says season three will be recognizable to Discovery fans. "It absolutely feels like the same show to me," he said. "The same show, but with a different backdrop. The cast is still the same. Of course, we are going to meet new people in the future."

While there might be some new faces on the show, Jones says it "infuses" the show with something "fresh," all the while keeping the Discovery crew "intact." The actor also teased more mysteries in season three, because they will be going into a "world of the unknown," which is certainly intriguing and ought to spark some cool theories.


Star Trek: DiscoverySeason Three is expected to be released on CBS All Access later this year.

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