Star Trek Discovery 3 Continues Post Production in the Middle of COVID-19 Lockdown

It looks like CBS All Access has been continuing the development of Star Trek: Discovery season 3 despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The spread of the novel coronavirus may have shut down the production of highly-anticipated films and television projects, however, it seems like CBS All Access is still hard at work on the third batch of episodes for Discovery.

Discovery season 3 had managed to complete principal photography before the COVID-19 outbreak forced governments to enforce quarantines, and now it looks like the team behind the Star Trek series are working remotely to complete post-production on the series.

Taking to Twitter, a Trekkie decided to ask Discovery star Wilson Cruz whether CBS All Access would finally provide a release date for the third season of the series. Responding to the query, Wilson said that the team's been working hard on the post-production of Discovery season 3.

"Trust me, none (sic) will hesitate giving you a release date as soon as they can. Everyone is working hard on post-production as we speak. Patience, grasshopper," Wilson replied.

Discovery editor Scott Gamzon decided to jump in the conversation as well, revealing details behind the post-production work being done on the next batch of Star Trek episodes.

"Post-production, Sound, VFX, and Editorial are all hard at work from our homes. It's going to take longer and there have been challenges but the results will be worth the wait!" the editor wrote on Twitter.

It looks like the team's working really hard even though they're working from home. We can't wait for CBS All Access to announce a new release date for Discovery.

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