Star Trek: Discovery Actor David Ajala Teases Book's Important Role in Season 3

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There is little doubt that Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 will be an interesting look into the far, far future even for someone like Michael Burnham. Luckily for Michael, she'll be getting help from a new character named Cleveland 'Book' Booker who will serve as her guide in the year 3188. But who exactly is this mysterious man? David Ajala has pointed out that his character will play a truly important role in the CBS All Access series.

The opening minutes of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 already introduced us to Book as he tries to escape an angry alien who is trying to catch him for stealing ... something. We don't know what it is because the exchange between the two is interrupted by the arrival of Michael as she jumps out of a wormhole. Luckily, we'll get to find out more about that in the third season.

"Cleveland Booker is a character that's going to bring levity, fun and a different spontaneous dynamic to the franchise, which we may not have had before," Ajala told CNet. Beyond that, the actor didn't share anything more about Book but there is little doubt he'll be a major player in the series.

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Credit: CBS

Michael isn't the only one who will be dealing with Book in Season 3. It was also confirmed that the rest of the crew including Commander Saru, Lt. Paul Stamets , Dr. Hugh Culber, and Ensign Sylvia Tilly will be back in the upcoming season.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 will premiere on CBS All Access on October 15.

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