Star Trek Alum Wil Wheaton Says Acting is 'Traumatic' Due to Painful Childhood

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There is little doubt that Wil Wheaton is recognized for being a child actor who has a successful career. However, things weren't always easy for the former Star Trek: The Next Generation actor. Wheaton has just admitted that acting is "traumatic" for him due to his painful childhood.

Wheaton rose to fame at a young age after he played Gordie Lachance in the 1986 film Stand By Me. However, Wheaton has revealed to Metro that he didn't actually want to act when he was younger.


"I'm not especially interested in being an on-camera actor, that was never my choice," Wheaton said. "When I was a kid my parents forced me to become an actor, it was never something I wanted to do."

Wheaton continued by confessing that his mother was the one who wanted him to pursue acting although it wasn't what he wanted.

"Throughout my entire childhood I begged my mother to stop forcing me to go on auditions, to just let me be a kid and she never heard me," he said. "It was really important to her that I become famous so she could be the famous actor's momager and it sucked."


Sadly, Wheaton's mother's decision to force her child into acting would have an effect on him throughout his life.

"That choice cost me my relationship with my parents and as a consequence of that, I don't really enjoy on-camera acting. It's a little triggering and a little traumatic," he concluded.

Although it's understandable why Wheaton was unhappy about being forced to pursue a career he didn't want, it is clear that he found his happy medium. Wheaton is now known for hosting podcasts and being an all-around geek. He is also interested in returning as Wesley Crusher if he is asked to appear in the next season of Star Trek: Picard.

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