Star Trek Almost Cast Original Blade Wesley Snipes as The Next Generation's Geordi La Forge

It's hard to imagine anyone other than LeVar Burton playing Geordi La Forge, right? However, there was a time when Star Trek: The Next Generation was still looking for the perfect actor for the role. Interestingly, one of the candidates who has considered for the part was actually future Blade star Wesley Snipes.

The revelation comes from a Paramount memo that was shared on Letters of Note where it was revealed that "a young man by the name of Wesley Snipes was in the running for the part of Geordi, a role ultimately filled by LeVar Burton but seemingly close to being taken by Reggie Jackson." The other actors who were considered for the role were Tim Russ, Victor Love, Chip McCallister, Clarence Gilyard Jr., and Kevin Peter Hall.

It's interesting to note that although Snipes was not one of the favorites to take on the role, Star Trek actually wanted to cast a former baseball player to play Geordi. However, we're happy to know that they ultimately chose Burton in a role that would endear him to Trekkies around the world.

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Although Snipes didn't get the role, he would go on to nab the part of another iconic character who regularly sports memorable eyewear. Snipes was eventually cast as Blade, who is known for wearing dark sunglasses to hide the fact that he is part-vampire.

Do you think Snipes could have played Geordi La Forge? Sound off in the comments below.

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