Squid Game vs Alice In Borderland: Which Netflix Survival TV Series Is Better?

Credit: Netflix/YouTube

Credit: Netflix/YouTube

Squid Game has been the no. 1 show on Netflix globally for a week already. It is the first Korean TV series to do so. Following the success of Squid Game, many are wondering why Alice in Borderland didn't get the same attention when it's better than the Korean TV series.

Both TV series are from Asia. Squid Game is a 2021 South Korean survival game. Meanwhile, Alice in Borderland is a 2020 Japanese sci-fi suspense-thriller drama TV series. The popularity of Squid Game got many talking about Alice in Borderland, which was released a year before the Korean TV series.

"The best part about Squid Game blowing up is that people are finally watching Alice in Borderland," one tweeted.

So, which is better, according to the netizens?

Alice In Borderland Is 10x Better Than Squid Game

Several Twitter users preferred Alice in Borderland to Squid Game. One netizen even said that it is multiple times better.

"Alice in the Borderland is 10 times better than Squid Game," one tweeted. Another user agreed saying, the games on Alice in Borderland are 10 times better than on Squid Game.

"Unpopular opinion: Okay Squid Game is good… BUT ALICE IN BORDERLAND IS THE BEST + THE REAL OG AND DESERVES THE SAME AMOUNT OF HYPE," another wrote.

Another user said those who haven't watched Alice in Borderland might rate Squid Game 10/10, but those who already did knew better.

Several also said that Alice in Borderland is "wild." The show was more about survival, and it didn't involve any money. The participants have to live or die without any prize.

Another user said that the Squid Game's ending was predictable except for the twist that player 001 is the mastermind behind the game. But the netizen didn't see how Alice in Borderland would end, and it got her.

Squid Game Is Better Because Alice In Borderland Has A Slow Pace

Although many find Alice in Borderland better than Squid Game, several netizens still prefer the hit Korean TV series. One said, Alice in Borderland is too slow for her, so she prefers Squid Game.

A different user agreed saying, she has started watching the Japanese TV series, but she is still "not feeling it yet."

Several also considered the show the best one on Netflix.

"Just binged watched all of Squid Game and man to put it lightly I haven't cried this much in a while, it has to be the best show I've ever watched so far, highly recommend to watch it on Netflix," @ImperialHal tweeted.

"I just finished Squid Game - and that was genuinely one of the best shows I've seen. I highly recommend it," another wrote.

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Both survival TV series is really good and a must-watch

To appease the fans of the two films who are seemed to be at war which between the two is better, many encouraged others just to watch both TV series because they are really good.

"Alice in Borderland is a must-watch if you enjoyed Squid Game. Both are insanely good," FaZe aBeZy tweeted.

"If you liked Squid Game I highly recommend Alice in Borderland. They have a second season of it in the works and much like SG it's a wild ride. It was one of my favorite shows of 2020," another added.

Which of the two TV series is better for you? Alice in Borderland Season 2 is already in the works and might be released this year. Meanwhile, Netflix hasn't released Squid Game yet, but we will keep you posted once it gets the green light!

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