7 Squid Game-Like Survival Movies And TV Series To Watch

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

If you haven't gotten over Squid Game and you want to experience the same thrill and fun when you watch the hit Korean survival TV series, good news! There are several movies and TV series of the same genre.

Here are seven thriller movies and TV series that will keep you in survival mode in the same way Squid Game did! They are both scary and bloody gore.

1. As the God's Will

The God's Will is a Japanese supernatural horror film by Takashi Miike. It has close similarities with Squid Game, especially in the games involved. It featured a Daruma doll similar to Squid Game's giant doll in the "Red Light, Green Light" game. The two games in the two films seemed to have the same rules.

In fact, due to the similarities, Squid Game was accused of plagiarizing part of As the God's Will. Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk addressed the alleged similarities explaining that he wrote the script before As the God's Will was released in 2014.

"It is true that [the first game is] similar, but after that, there aren't any similarities," Hwang explained. "I worked on [Squid Game in] 2008 and 2009, and at the time, the first game [had already been] fixed as Red Light Green Light."

So, if you can't get over Squid Game, you will surely enjoy As the God's Will too.

2. Parasite

Parasite, a South Korean black comedy thriller film, received multiple nominations at the Golden Globe Awards, Academy Awards, Grand Bell Awards, and more award-giving bodies. It also won several accolades, including Palme d'Or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay at the 77th Golden Globe Awards, and more.

Parasite has a lot of similarities with Squid Game in the sense that the characters are also having trouble with money. The film shows what they are willing to go through for money. It doesn't have the exact kill count as Netflix's no. 1 show today, but the killings were executed just as cleverly.

3. Scream

The American satirical slasher film was a hit that it spawned four sequels. A fifth film is in the works. It also made its way into the small screen.

Although the TV series wasn't exactly like the film, it gained a massive audience and ran for three seasons. Scream is a must-watch if you are into horror films.

4. The Belko Experiment

The film has a similar storyline as Squid Game because it involves several individuals locked in the high-rise corporate office of the Belko Industries in Bogota, Colombia. They are instructed by an unknown voice coming from a company's intercom to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed.

It also featured large casts. And many people were murdered rather quickly than what the audience expected. In the South Korean tv series, 255 players died in the first game, "Red Light, Green Light."

5. Alice in the Borderland

The sci-fi slasher drama is adapted from the Japanese manga series. It followed Arisu (Yamazaki Kento) and two of his friends hiding from cops and emerged from Shibuya station. They were surprised to see the place abandoned, and those who were there were forced to participate in a series of deadly games.

Winning games is critical for their survival as it will extend their visas. When one's visa expires, a laser will shoot the participant.

6. Battle Royale

The 2000 Japanese action-thriller movie is adapted from Koushun Takami's novel of the same title. It follows a class of junior high school students who get kidnapped and stranded on an island.

They became the Battle Royale participants, an annual affair employed by the government to hold down juvenile delinquency. The students were forced to fight against each other with only one remaining at the end of three days.

7. The Hunger Games

Of course, we won't miss The Hunger Games, which catapulted Jennifer Lawrence to fame. It's an annual game where the Capitol chooses 24 tributes, two from the 12 districts, who will fight for their lives for survival.

The film is part of a trilogy, and the last one was divided into two. A prequel will start production in 2022, according to Deadline.

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