Squid Game Supremacy: 4 Series and Movies Similar To Hit Korean Netflix Series To Watch This 2021

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Squid Game's dominion over the world's film industry continues to grow as the Korean series unceasingly stirs the public's curiosity. The Korean mystery series even received the title of the next top movie on the streaming giant despite only having a nine-part season.

Ever since Squid Game swept Netflix's top most-watched series list, subscribers started demanding a second part of the series. Unfortunately, the director himself confirmed that a successor cannot be served on the table yet. This led people to search for similar movies and series to binge-watch while waiting for the potential Squid Game Season 2.

Here are the movies and series similar to Squid Game that you can check out and add to your watch list.

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For fans of zombie apocalypses who want to experience a Squid Game-like thrill, this Korean thriller film offers a disturbing plot to viewers. #Alive is another South Korean masterpiece that focuses on survival and morality.

Squid Game-Like Movie #Alive
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The movie tells the story of a young man who tries to survive an apocalypse that leaves the whole city in chaos. As he continues living inside his apartment with limited food and drinks, he finds another survivor in the middle of a death and life situation.

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Alice in Borderland

Netflix users surely thought about this Japanese series soon after watching Squid Game.

Squid Game-Like Movie Alice in Borderland
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Alice in Borderland is a similar mysterious survival movie about a gamer and his two friends finding themselves living in a new world. The characters are forced to compete against each other in the games based on playing cards. The players play with "visas," which can be extended whenever they compete.

Once a player's visa expires, the victim is executed by red lasers from the sky.


As The Gods' Will

The closest flick on the list, As The Gods' Will, features an ordinary high school student who has been forced to play games alongside his schoolmates. Nobody on the campus knows who is behind the games, but several dolls — including Daruma and Maneki-Neko — lead the games.

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Like Squid Game, players on As The Gods' Will need to survive every stage to stay alive — but no reward is given except for their own life.

Battle Royale

If Squid Game has a classic version, it would definitely be the Japanese action/thriller film, Battle Royale.


It follows a group of junior high school students who are forced to fight against each other as part of the nation's BR ACT. Due to the act, the whole class is chosen to participate in the Battle Royale, which is being held annually. Players are given three days to fight for their lives.

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