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Kang Ye Won Tests Positive For COVID-19

Kang Ye Won

Kang Ye Won, unfortunately, joined the list of Korean stars who caught COVID-19.

Since January 3, 2020, South Korea has been recording several confirmed COVID-19 cases across the country. Nearly two years since the pandemic began, it reported 353,089 cases – 2,773 of which died.

The World Health Organization said that South Korea administered 72 million vaccine doses as of October 2021, playing a huge role in diminishing the number of confirmed cases in the last few weeks.

Despite the seemingly quieting down pandemic, actress Kang Ye Won failed to protect herself from getting the virus despite being fully vaccinated.

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Kang Ye Won Felt Sick Before Testing Positive For COVID-19

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Kang Ye Won's agency, J-Wide company, confirmed the news in a statement on Monday. According to the company, the actress was fully vaccinated but felt sick on October 21.

At that time, she reportedly underwent a COVID-19 test as part of the production team's recommendation and received a negative result. However, she still felt sick two days later, prompting her to take another test on October 23. The following day, the actress received a positive diagnosis.

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"She is following the health guidelines and maintaining self-quarantine at home," the message went on.

The actress also shared the news on her Instagram page, issuing a warning to her followers and telling them to be careful of the virus. Her staff members also got tested for the virus, and their results came back negative. Since Kang Ye Won had different schedules with the other cast members, she did not expose them to the illness.

The productions keep on rolling while the actress is at home to rest.

All About Kang Ye Won's Just One Person

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Credit: KBS World TV

Kang Ye Won works with Ahn Eunjin, Red Velvet member Joy, and Kim Kyung Nam in Just One Person Series before testing positive for COVID-19.

She plays the role of Kang Se Yeon in the series that tells the story of a stubborn woman named Pyo In-Sook who never feels she belongs in this world. She eventually learns she has a terminal disease and does not have much time to live.

Just One Person will arrive on JTBC before this year ends, and it will give the viewers 16 episodes they can surely enjoy.

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