Squid Game: Actor Wi Ha Joon Reveals Real Reason Why He Felt Anxious Over Hit Series' Success

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Credit: THE STAR MAGAZINE/YouTube Screenshot

Squid Game actor Wi Ha Joon, like the other cast members, also received overwhelming love and support after the Netflix series’ success.

Last year, Squid Game began to break records that no flick ever reached before. Viewers got hooked immediately due to its unique and exhilarating but commendable plotline.

For what it’s worth, the series tells the story of the 456 players facing financial struggles. They are invited to play deadly children’s games to win the whopping prize of $38 million.

Wi Ha Joon plays the role of Hwang Jun Ho, a police officer who sneaks into the deadly game in pursuit of finding his missing brother. Although his character is not the main person in the series, he received equal love and support from fans.

However, he recently spoke up about his real reaction following the massive success of the series.

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Wi Ha Joon Felt Anxious Because of Squid Game’s Success

Wi Ha Joon recently posed for Dazed Korea magazine and had an interview with them afterward. He revealed that he also felt anxious amid Squid Game’s achievement during the discussion.

The actor first mentioned how he started playing minor roles after his debut in the industry. From there, he repeatedly told himself that he should not be happy one day and sad the next time. So instead of celebrating, he always wants to be consistent and be humble with his littlest attainment in his life.

“I also think it might just be my nature. Rather than love myself endlessly, I’m the type to scold myself, and I tend to be more nervous rather than overflowing with confidence,” he said.

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So when Squid Game scored positive responses, one part of him was reportedly happy while the other was anxious.

Wi Ha Joon reportedly received advice from people around him, telling him to enjoy the moment instead of feeling down. Although he wants to be consistent, especially after Squid Game, he is reminded that the audience tends to quickly forget an actor if they fail to see them again after a short period of time.

In the end, he challenged himself to focus on working hard as he moves forward instead.

Jung Ho Yeon Also Suffered Amid Series’ Popularity

Aside from Wi Ha Joon, Jung Ho Yeon also went through a dark time amid Squid Game’s fame.

The model-turned-actress famously played the role of player 067, Kang Sae Byeok, in the hit Netflix series. The character is a North Korean defector who joins Squid Game to have the money to help her get her brother out of the orphanage and rescue her mother in North Korea.

She told The Hollywood Reporter that she lost six pounds a week after Squid Game was released on Netflix, explaining, “I couldn't follow the speed of the growth of the 'Squid Game' success because, since COVID, I think everything is faster and even online, it happens just so quick."

Due to their recent growth, Squid Game cast members also have to deal with the negative effects the instant fame has brought.

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