Square Enix Promises to Polish Marvel's Avengers Character Models Before Release

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Marvel's Avengers debuted to a mixed reception but the recent gameplay demo has wowed fans and even silenced some critics. While the gameplay actually looks pretty fun, some of the character models are a bit off-putting, though that shouldn't be a problem once customizable outfits come into play. However, during an interview with PCGamesN, Square Enix promised to polish up some of the character models before release.

Proof of that came when we saw how Black Widow's face changed from the initial release to the gameplay demo. Maybe we can see some changes to Thor's face, though it's not that bad if we're being honest. I'd also ask for changes to be made for Captain America's costume but that becomes a non-issue since there are alternate costumes for the characters.


Here's what the Square Enix spokesperson said about polishing the game:

"…by changes, we're talking about polish. What we're doing is we are continuing to add detail to their character models, we're improving the lighting, we're improving the skin shading. So, what you're hopefully seeing is the characters continuing to look better as we get closer to launch. But in terms of changing character designs, that's not currently what we're looking at."

While they won't be making big changes, it's good to know that they're polishing things up. Some companies would have just ignored the criticism so it's good to see Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics take some of it well. I really can't wait to play this game, especially with more heroes and missions to be added for free.

Marvel's Avengers comes to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on May 15, 2020.

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