Spy x Family’s Editor Reveals How Endo Chose Anya’s Special Ability

spy x family anya ability

spy x family anya ability

Excitement for Spy x Family is back as the show’s second half premiered on October 1 with Episode 13. And to further drum up the hype, a new interview with Spy x Family editor Shihei Lin revealed interesting details about the series, including how Anya’s special ability was chosen.

Lin was interviewed recently by Comic Natalie. There, he shared his insight on working with Spy x Family creator Tatsuya Endo, as well as his duties as the editor of other Jump+ hits.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Shihei Lin is the editor of several popular Shueisha manga, including Spy x Family, Chainsaw Man, Dandadan, Heart Gear, and more.

During his interview with Comic Natalie, Lin gave credit to the manga authors he works with as he calls them all geniuses.

While not all of the manga he edits are top sellers at the level of Chainsaw Man, he still gives lots of praise to all the creators that he works with.

Given that he is the editor of Jump+’s biggest hits, many fans consider Lin to have a Midas touch when it comes to his manga works.

He is even credited as a key contributor to the success of Endo’s latest work.

In a previous interview, it was mentioned that Lin and Endo have been working together for well over a decade now.

It was also Lin who suggested that Endo create a story with a lighter tone as Endo’s previous works are dark and heavy.

One of the key things that make Spy x Family a lighter series is the wholesome dynamic between the characters.

However, it does not become boring thanks to the secret lives or abilities that all three main characters have.

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The dynamic of having Loid as a spy, Yor as an assassin, and Anya as a telepath forms the core of Spy x Family’s story.

In the interview, Lin shared how creator Endo selected Anya’s power.

From the beginning, Endo intended to have Loid be a spy. As for Anya, Endo and Lin listed down various supernatural abilities that Anya could have.

They soon realized that the weakness of a spy is someone who can read minds. Thus, Endo and Lin decided to give Anya telepathic abilities.

It’s fair to say that this decision was key in the appeal of the show, especially as the central dynamic between the Forger family is what makes the show so engaging for many fans.

Spy x Family continues with Episode 14 which is set to be released this weekend.

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