Spiderman: No Way Home Writers Unveil Venom’s Future in the MCU

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Both Sony’s Spiderman: No Way Home and Venom: Let There Be Carnage were a massive huge box office success in 2021 and it certainly won’t be the last time we will see the two on the big screens. With the last two film’s post-credit scenes revealing a potential crossover with Tom Hardy’s Venom and Tom Holland’s Spiderman, we will likely see the two characters interacting with each other in the future.

The post-credit scene for Hardy’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage reveals Eddie Brock being transported to Peter Parker’s Universe in the MCU just after Parker’s identity was revealed by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) on the very first sequence of Spiderman: No Way Home. People thought that Venom would make an appearance in No Way Home together with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield and help the trio in defeating the villains from other Spiderman universes. But it turns out that it’s just another way of teasing Spiderman-Venom fans about a potential crossover.

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When Brock was transported to Parker’s universe, it wasn’t really a long time until Dr. Strange cast the spell that brought back all the villains including the two in their original universe. Here’s where it gets all tricky as it was revealed that a tiny amount of the venom symbiote was left in Holland’s universe that seemingly moved to tease a potential crossover with Holland’s Spiderman.

Along with this, of course, fans are freaking out and theorizing how Venom and Spiderman will meet soon in the future projects of the MCU.

In an interview with IGN, No Way Home writers Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna seemingly tease the ‘possibilities’ of Venom and Spiderman crossover in the future:

“It leaves the door open for possibilities. As opposed to just seeing him go back and not seeing any symbiote. So it just allows for some exciting possibilities in the future."

And for a more specific explanation, McKenna and Sommers explained, "I have no idea. That is above our pay grade. We are part of a bigger, larger universe that we are not the gods of, we're just mortals in. I think it was a fun idea that the sixth [member of] the Sinister Six gets stuck in a bar and doesn't get out of there, but maybe he leaves a little something behind. Again, we're not masters of that course of that next adventure."

We all know that MCU doesn’t reveal their plans entirely to the fans and only leaves us these plot holes so that our anticipation for future MCU projects could grow. But it’s safe to assume that the Spiderman-Venom crossover will surely happen because it’s an origin story based on the comics where these writers get their ideas from. And it’s not also the first time it will happen as Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman trilogy has already interacted with the Venom symbiote.

The waiting game is surely frustrating but Marvel Studios won’t really disappoint the fans. Knowing MCU’s history of handling post-credit teasers, we will surely get the crossover in their future projects.

Spiderman: No Way Home is still showing in theaters.

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