Spider-Verse Producer Phil Lord Will Include Japanese Spider-Man In The Sequel Under One Condition

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Once Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse began its marketing campaign last year, fans decided to compete with Spider-Ham by digging up one of the most ridiculous versions of everyone' favorite web crawler –Japanese Spider-Man. The Japanese version of the hero was so far removed from the original Spidey, that he had to speak into a wristband to get his costume out, used guns to deal with his villains, and rode a mecha to defeat Kaiju.

It's a hilarious anime-sentai-esque version of Spidey, and if fans get their way, then everyone might be able to see Japanese Spider-Man joining in on the fun in the next Into the Spider-Verse movie. Online campaigns to bring Japanese Spidey into Into the Spider-Verse's sequels have somehow reached the film's executive producer Phil Lord, and it looks like the head honcho's game for Japanese Spider-Man – under one condition.


"I will IF we cross 200 domestic. Deal everybody?" Lord responded to a tweet asking the producer to make the wisest decision in his life by putting Japanese Spider-Man in the next Into the Spider-Verse movie.

I will IF we cross 200 domestic. Deal everybody? https://t.co/Fu0K06hxzq
— philip lord (@philiplord)
January 2, 2019

It'd definitely be fun to have Japanese Spider-Man in an animated film. The character was made canon in the comics with Japanese Spidey appearing in critical moments with his mecha on hand.


However, as exciting as it might sound, Into the Spider-Verse has a long way to go before they reach $200 million. While the film has been showered in nothing but praise from fans and critics, the film is still going over $104 million at the domestic box office even after three weeks of screening in cinemas. We're not quite sure that the film might make it past $200 million at the end of its run, but we're crossing our fingers.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is currently screening in cinemas.

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