Spider-Man: Tom Holland Was Said to Have Nudged Sony and Marvel Into Their New Deal

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Fans rejoiced when it was announced that Spider-Man would be staying in the MCU, but as it turns out, there was an unsung hero when it came to Disney and Sony striking a new deal.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it was Spider-Man star Tom Holland who was able to get Sony and Disney to eventually come to a new agreement. Holland had apparently made multiple appeals to Disney CEO Bob Iger and Sony chairman Tom Rothman to reach a resolution where Marvel would co-produce Holland's third Spider-Man film and have him star in at least one more MCU movie.

We don't have any details on what exactly Holland said, but he had the entire internet backing him, with industry insiders also expressing that both Disney and Sony had something to lose by not sharing Spider-Man among themselves.


Originally, the deal had Marvel gaining 5% of first-dollar profits for Spider-Man films, but after Far from Home ended up earning upwards of a billion, Disney was looking to strike a new deal. Now the deal will have Disney earning 25% of profits from future Spidey films, and they will also be providing a quarter of the budget.

For now, we only have to more films announced down the line, but fans are hopeful that Sony and Disney will strike another agreement in the future—hopefully giving Kevin Feige some control when it comes to Sony's separate Spider-Verse. Of course, we don't know what's in store for the future, but for now, it looks like Spider-Man is safe and sound in the MCU.

Spider-Man 3 is set to come out July 16, 2021.

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