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Spider-Man Stars Tom Holland and Zendaya Reportedly Considering Marriage

Credit: Sony Pictures

I think we can all agree that Tom Holland and Zendaya share incredible chemistry together both in "reel" and in real life. The connection between the Spider-Man actors is just too magnetic that it ultimately led to them becoming more than friends and colleagues.

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Credit: Sony Pictures

While there have been rumors romantically linking the Peter Parker and MJ actors since Spider-Man: Homecoming, it wasn't until last year that they started to get comfortable sharing their relationship with the world. Lowkey confirming their romance on social media, Holland stunned fans when he posted a sweet Birthday greeting for the Euphoria actress.

Since then, the pair has been spotted together in public more often displaying their love for each other. Now, it looks like TomDaya is ready to take their romance to the next level and a new rumor claims that may be settling down soon.

According to a new gossip (via @OfficialPLT), the MCU co-stars, both 26, are already considering marriage and starting a family together. The rumor doesn't go into detail about the couple's plans of settling down and considering other outlets have yet to report about it, it's still best to take this one with a huge grain of salt.

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As it stands, the authenticity of the said rumor remains unclear but if that's the case, it's definitely great news for fans who have been rooting for Tom and Zendaya's romance.

This isn't the first time Spidey co-stars have developed romance beyond the big screen. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, as well as Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, were romantic items at one point although their respective relationships didn't flourish. Hopefully, Tom and Zendaya's relationship will have a different fate.

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures' fourth Spider-Man film is currently in the works.

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