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Spider-Man Spin-off Movie Featuring Silver Sable Rumored

Sony has been looking for screenwriters for a spin-off movie about Spider-Man character Silver Sable, according to a recent episode of the podcast Popcorn Talk. On the podcast, Jeff Schneider reported that Sony had approached screenwriter Abi Morgan, whose previous work includes Shame and The Iron Lady, to write a Silver Sable spinoff movie. As the podcast went on, Simon Thomas speculated that Eli Roth might be in the running for director of the movie.

The possibility of a Silver Sable movie was mentioned before after Sony announced they were planning a movie with a female hero from the Spider-Man universe. Silver Sable is not exactly a traditional hero, as she's a mercenary who hunts war criminals. She also has no powers and uses guns as weapons. As far as Spider-Man characters go, she's not really very well-known, so it's interesting that a movie with her is being considered.

Sony chairman Tom Rothman recently talked a little about how Sony is trying to develop a Spider-Man Universe in an interview with Deadline. He also talked about Sony's relationship with Marvel studios calling it "fantastic" and said "Sony has the ultimate authority" when it comes to green-lighting Spider-Man productions. He added, "But we have deferred the creative lead to Marvel, because they know what they're doing".

Rothman also discussed the Spider-Man animated film planned for Christmas 2018, saying it would be independent from the other Spider-Man movies and would be directed by The LEGO Movie's Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

I think a Silver Sable movie has the potential to be interesting, especially since it's a little known character they could do a lot with. Her anti-hero nature also means a new element would be added to the Spider-Man universe. What do you think of the possibility of a Silver Sable movie?

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