Spider-Man PS4: Brand-New Velocity Costume Announced as Pre-Order Bonus

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We finally know what the last pre-order costume is for Spider-Man PS4 and it's not what most people had imagined. Rather than choosing the black suit, 2099, or something Superior, the developers decided to do some developing and make something original. This is an original costume made by acclaimed artist Adi Granov and it looks fine.

As fans can see, this is obviously a high-tech suit that would have worked for Peter during the Worldwide era of Amazing Spider-Man comics. While it won't play differently from the other costumes, it's clear that a lot of effort was put into making the suit look good. Most will prefer the original red and blue outfit or even the new suit Insomniac made but it looks fine.

The Velocity suit joins Spider-Punk and the Iron Spider outfit from Avengers: Infinity War as a pre-order bonus. It will be interesting to see how well these pre-orders do and if they result in the Velocity suit coming to comics canon but that's another topic for a different time. For now, let's just enjoy how cool this costume looks.

Spider-Man PS4 comes out on September 7.

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