Norman Osborn, Silver Sable, and More Revealed in New Spider-Man PS4 Story Trailer

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Spider-Man PS4 is looking to be one of the better comic book video games coming out and a new story trailer from SDCC 2018 makes it look even better. This new trailer gives us a much better look at Norman Osborn, who seems to have no Green Goblin serum in him, and this new version of Silver Sable.

As we can see, Osborn has hired Silver Sable and her task force to take down Spider-Man. It's actually pretty extreme since the order is to shoot him on sight, implying that something big must have happened to lead to this. Sable has a more streamlined look that might not sit well with comic book fans but she could look worse.


It seems like Osborn will be joining Mister Negative as one of the game's big bads, which should make free-roaming around the open-world more combat oriented if these mercenaries will keep on bugging (HA) Peter Parker.

The new story trailer also shows more off the classic costume everyone knows and loves, which still looks better than the new outfit Insomniac made. Once again, the new outfit is far from ugly but there's no denying that the old outfit just looks better. Blame it on nostalgia if you have to but expect players to quickly change into this costume.

Spider-Man PS4 comes out on September 7.

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