Spider-Man Homecoming: Is Ned Leeds Ganke From Ultimate Spider-Man?

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The trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming revealed to the fans that Peter Parker (Tom Holland) has a friend in the form of a reimagined Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) who finds out about Peter's identity as Spider-Man. A lot of comic fans, however, can't help but notice that Ned has a lot of similarities to Ultimate Spider-Man character Ganke Lee, who is still Spider-Man's best friend, but that Spidey is Miles Morales, not Peter Parker.

The writer who created Ganke Lee, Brian Michael Bendis, has noticed the similarities as well, and during an appearance in the Ultimate Spin podcast, he commented on Marvel Studios' take on Ganke. He says:

"I've not seen Spider-Man: Homecoming, so I'm gonna wait until we see what we see. But, yeah, it was bizarre and flattering. I don't even know if Ganke was the inspiration, or they just got to their own place with a character like this on their own. I don't know. It does seem like it might have been, but no one's told me either way. There's so much else in that trailer that's from Ultimate Spider-Man that I would assume that, yes, it is… It's weird only because Ganke wasn't part of Peter's story — he was part of Miles' story."

I love that this time around, Peter finally has a confidant in the form of Ned. Sony had already delivered us two different Spider-Men, but none of them have provided Peter with someone he considers a friend; he usually just faces his problems alone.

With Ned, however, it looks like Peter has found the Ron Weasley to his Harry Potter. I'm betting that Zendaya's character (the girl who calls Ned and Peter "losers" in the trailer) is going to be their Hermoine.

Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out on July 7.

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