Spider-Man Fights an Undead Galactus in New Marvel Zombies Series

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It looks like Marvel Zombies is coming back from the dead with a brand-new four-issue series that is completely unrelated to the previous series. While fans do have fond memories of the previous series, especially the earlier ones from The Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman, it's clear that Marvel did beat this dead horse a bit too much before. We're actually glad that this is getting a clean slate and one with a hell of an intriguing premise.

Marvel.com has announced Marvel Zombies: Resurrection, a series spinning off from the one-shot of the same name, that will have Spider-Man and a small gathering of heroes as they attempt to save everyone and find out how this virus spread. Those who read the one-shot know that Galactus was infected by the virus, which spread to The Avengers and Fantastic Four.

Resurrection will be written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and drawn by veteran artist Leonard Kirk. Here's what Johnson had to say about this exciting new series:

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Credit: Marvel Comics
"I couldn't be more thrilled to be writing MARVEL ZOMBIES: RESURRECTION, or to be working with the amazing Leonard Kirk again. The original MARVEL ZOMBIES made such an impact on fans when it came out, and now Marvel has been kind enough to let me do my own take on it. And although there's a lot there for fans of the original, it's a very different take. MARVEL ZOMBIES: RESURRECTION is an all-in horror series, with tension that doesn't let up and a cast of characters who have become like family to each other, none of whom are safe."

That image of Spider-Man running away from an undead Galactus is immediately iconic and should be enough to convince fans to pick this up. Here's hoping that the comic lives up to the reputation of its predecessors since Marvel Zombies has a ton of fans. Let's hope that it's good.

Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #1 is coming out this April.

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