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Marvel Zombies Rises From the Grave this October

It's not every day when "rising from the grave" perfectly sums up a series revival but that is basically what's happening with Marvel Zombies. Marvel has confirmed that the series will return this October and gave us a sick promo image that should get fans excited. October is also a perfect release date for the series' big comeback since it's around Halloween season.

Also, The Walking Dead just concluded after 193 issues of surviving zombies so fans will need something to keep them busy.

The teaser image from Inhyuk Lee is beautiful and terrifying at the same time, showing undead versions of Captain America, Deadpool, and Wolverine. Considering how these three are some of the hardest characters to kill in the Marvel Universe, having to fight them in zombie form will be a true challenge for any Marvel hero not named Thor or Hulk.

While most people associate Marvel Zombies with The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman, this universe was actually created by Mark Millar. It was meant to be a small arc for the Ultimate version of Reed Richards in Ultimate Fantastic Four and ended up being a phenomenon for Marvel Comics, at least for a while. There were five mainline mini-series and a couple of spin-off books. Funnily enough, there was a Marvel Zombies one-shot released last year, though it wasn't connected to the previous universe fans are more familiar with.

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Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Zombies is coming back this October. No creative team was announced.

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