Spider-Man Far From Home: Stealth Suit is Dubbed 'Black Spider'

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Ever since Spider-Man came into the MCU, we've been given movies with him wearing more than just the standard Spider suit. Far From Home will be giving Peter a stealth suit to wear, and apparently, it has an official name.

According to SuperBroMovies' Daniel Richtman, the stealth suit has been dubbed Black Spider. We don't really know how Peter ends up with this outfit, but I'm guessing it's something provided to him by Nick Fury and SHIELD. It does have the same goggles that are featured in the Stark suit though.

Back when we were just getting set photos from the film, a lot of people have been saying that the suit has been getting inspiration from the Spider-Noir outfit. Though that influence is clear, I like to think that this is some proto-version of the symbiote suit from the comics. How cool would it be if a white spider logo just happened to form on the chest while Peter was fighting with Mysterio? While a future with Venom is still unclear, I'd like to see subtle nods like that in this movie.


For now, Marvel Studios is busy on the release of Captain Marvel coming out this March with Endgame coming out in April. Far from Home is said to mark the beginning of Phase 4, and I'm hopeful we get some teasers for what's next for Spidey down the line. Fingers crossed we get a Doctor Strange cameo!

Spider-Man: Far from Home comes out July 5.

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