Spider-Man: Far From Home Officially Passes $1 Billion at Worldwide Box Office

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Spider-Man: Far From Home has officially crossed $1 billion, making it the first solo film of the character to make this much money. While some of the Sam Raimi films have performed a bit better in the US, the fact that Far From Home has made this much money around the world officially makes it the highest-grossing Spider-Man film ever.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Far From Home crossed $1 billion on Thursday, which is obviously a huge deal. Sony is probably very pleased with the money this film is making and fans will be happy to see Spider-Man stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a big win for everyone involved and we can't wait to see what happens next to the Tom Holland version of Spider-Man.


For those not in the know, there were reports that said Sony could take Spider-Man away from Marvel Studios if Spider-Man: Far From Home didn't make a billion dollars. That sounds like a ridiculous amount since not every movie can make that much money but it looks like Marvel Studios and Sony were able to do so. In their defense, the movie was pretty great and we can see why a lot of people would want to rewatch this.

We won't be seeing Spider-Man for a while since his sequel wasn't announced during the big phase five-panel in SDCC. In the meantime, fans can enjoy Spider-Man: Far From Home, which should still be showing in theaters.

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