Spider-Man: Far From Home Needs to Earn $1 Billion Or Else Sony will Break Off Their Deal with Marvel

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Marvel and Sony made history when they managed to broker a deal that introduced Spider-Man into the MCU. What's scary though, is that the deal has a condition in which "final creative control" for Spider-Man would revert back to Sony if Far From Home doesn't earn a billion in the box office.

This comes from The Ankler which writes:


The original Sony/Marvel/Spidey deal to co-produce these movies stipulated that if this Spidey cleared a billion, Marvel would get to oversee a third. If it hadn't, full control would have reverted back to Sony, which raised the specter that America's Most Beloved Entertainment Executive would look to cash in/out every way possible, as well as grab complete unexpurgated credit for the victory and thrown superhero canon to the wind. (Not something he was ever a fan of in the first place). It was feared he would have tossed Spidey and Venom together for a quickie mash-up that very potentially could've sunk both.

The good news is, Spider-Man: Far From Home is already getting great reviews and has cleared half a billion during its opening week. Earning a billion shouldn't be a huge stretch for the film, as a lot of insiders are already sure it will clear that line soon.

Just watching how the Venom movie turned out, I'm kind of hoping that Sony keeps their collaboration with Marvel. So far, the only good idea I can think of on Sony's part was Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse; the rest of the spinoffs like Kraven the Hunter and the upcoming Morbius were honestly pretty weak concepts. Did you know there were also plans to make an Aunt May spinoff prequel where she was a spy?

Of course, Far From Home isn't in the clear yet, but if the fans could band together for something like Avengers: Endgame beating Avatar for highest box office gross, then they could very well do the same to keep Peter Parker in the MCU.


For now, you can catch Spider-Man: Far from Home in theaters today.

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