Spider-Man: Far From Home Confirms Mysterio Knew About Peter Parker Before They Met

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There were so many huge surprises about Mysterio that were revealed in Spider-Man: Far From Home. For instance, fans were shocked when Quentin Beck turned out to be working with several different people who were all angry with Tony Stark. However, there's another major shocker that most viewers probably missed. One scene actually confirmed that Beck and his associates were already aware of Peter Parker's identity right from the start.

One fan shared a few screenshots from Far From Home from the scene where Peter was buying a necklace for MJ. Take note of who is standing behind him.

As it turns out, Beck has been spying on Peter ever since everyone arrived in Venice. Interestingly, the scene is followed by the arrival of the Water Elemental and Beck was handily close enough to take it down.

So how exactly did Beck find out about Peter? There's a possibility that Nick Fury was the one who told him about Spider-Man early on. Fury may have been their initial target since Fury was the one who had Tony's glasses. This changed when the glasses were passed on to Peter.

But is it possible that Beck already knew because he had been spying on Tony all this time? Beck may have realized that Peter was Spider-Man while watching Tony all those years after the snap. Either way, the reveal of Spider-Man's identity may have been something he had planned from the start.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is still screening in theaters worldwide.

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