Spider-Man 3's 'Bully Maguire' Replaces Luke Skywalker in Wacky The Mandalorian Finale Video

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Credit: Paramount Pictures

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 may have been a colossal disappointment but it still had one redeeming quality and that is the "creation" of Peter Parker's evil persona played by Tobey Maguire. Taking a page out of the comics, Maguire turned the dial up to 11 with his over-the-top performance of a symbiote-infected Spidey complete with his memorable dance sequence. Referred to by a lot of fans as "Bully Maguire", Tobey's Spider-Man 3 character has become a meme sensation over the years and he's been part of several hilarious deepfake videos. This time around, Maguire takes the spotlight away from Luke Skywalker, replacing him in The Mandalorian Season 2's epic finale. The said deepfake was created by Matan Animation Studios on YouTube and to call it glorious is quite an understatement. A few seconds into the clip and you'll already find yourself dying out of laughter. See Bully Maguire destroy Dark Troopers with his killer moves here: Speaking of Tobey, rumors have been rampant about his involvement in the MCU's third Spider-Man film starring Tom Holland. The project is currently in production but Maguire has yet to be spotted on set along with Andrew Garfield who is also rumored to be reprising his Spidey role. Recent reports claim that Maguire is playing hard to get and asking for 15 million dollars for a one-off appearance but as it stands, we still don't know for sure. Still, I'm really hopeful that Maguire will in fact be involved in the film as it's shaping up to be the MCU's version of the Spider-Verse.

"Homecoming 3" is set for release this December.

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