‘Special Look' at Captain Marvel is the Movie's First Good Trailer

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After two generic-looking trailers, Marvel Studios has released a "special look" at Captain Marvel and it's actually pretty great. Technically the film's third trailer, it has a ton of new footage fans will eat up and gives Brie Larson's Carol Danvers more lines, making her more interesting rather than a typical generic hero that the previous trailers made her out to be.

One thing that will immediately get attention is the Skrulls, who actually get to shapeshift in this new video. It's creepy looking and should make for some intriguing scenes when the film comes out. This also confirms that the creepy old lady Danvers punches is a Skrull but everyone knew that.

There's also a fun scene where Nick Fury asks Carol to prove that she isn't a Skrull, which leads to her shooting a photon blast from her palm. Carol states that Skrulls can't do that but Fury isn't convinced, which should make for a very fun dynamic between the two. Sadly, no new scenes with the cat were shown though we can't wait to see it in action when the movie comes out.


Jude Law's nameless character (Mar-Vell or Yon-Rogg, take your pick) and Starforce also get more screen time in this trailer, with Law seen training Larson's Carol. Many feel like he will be the character's mentor who also ends up being the film's villain, similar to Batman Begins, but with lasers.

Now that there's an honest-to-God good trailer for Captain Marvel, fans can be more excited about this movie. While most of us are positive that this movie will be an enthralling popcorn muncher like most Marvel movies, the trailers prior to this "special look" were pretty generic. Hopefully, future previews are just as good.

Captain Marvel comes out on March 8.

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