Here's The Note South Korean Actress Yoo Joo-eun Left Before Dying by Suicide: 'I'm Not Sad, Hope Many People...'

As reported earlier today, South Korean actress Yoo Joo-eun died on August 29, 2022. The 27-year-old actress, who starred in tvN’s Big Forest and TV Chosun’s Joseon Survival Period, died by suicide; her family confirmed the news of her death. According to the reports, she left a suicide note addressing her parents.

According to Soompi's report, Yoo Joo-eun mentioned in her letter that she had been contemplating suicide for a while now. The actress apologized to her mother, father, grandma, and Oppa (older brother), adding that her heart "screamed" that she doesn't want to live anymore. Her family shared her letter to the public, abiding to her request.

You can read Yoo Joo-eun's full letter below:

I am sorry for leaving first. I am especially sorry to Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Oppa (older brother). My heart screams that I don’t want to live. Life without me may be empty, but please live on bravely. I will keep watch of everything. Don’t cry. You’ll be hurt.
I’m not sad at all in the slightest right now. I feel resolute and calm. I think it’s because I have thought of this for a long time.
I’ve lived such a happy life that was more than I deserved. That’s why, it is enough for me. This is enough. So please live without placing blame on anymore.
I’m not dead, so everyone, please live well. I hope many people are called to my funeral, and I want to see everyone for the first time in a while and check in on anyone who is having a hard time.
I wanted to act so badly. Perhaps it was my all, and it was a part of me. However, living that life wasn’t easy. I don’t want to do anything else. That was so hopeless. Having something you want to do is a blessing, but I realized that only wanting to do that thing is a curse.
God loves me, so he won’t send me to hell. He will understand my feelings and care for me going forward. That’s why, everyone, don’t worry.
And to all my loving family and friends and my loves. Thank you so much for treasuring me and loving me. That was my strength and my smile. I lived with unforgettable memories until the end, so I think I’ve lived a successful life. Thank you for understanding and embracing me who was lacking and impatient. I’m sorry I can’t express it well. But you’ll still understand how I feel, right?
And to all those precious relationships I’ve made, especially the teachers, I was so grateful, and I respected you all. Thank you so much for teaching me the many things in life.
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Mom, Dad, I love you. Don’t cry. Please.

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The letter was shared by her brother, who wrote: “On August 29, 2022, Joo Eun has left this world to go to a comfortable place. For those who have the time, please say farewell to Joo Eun on her way. As per Joo Eun’s last request, I am sharing this post."

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