Sound! Euphonium Season 3 Teaser Reveals New Character Mayu

Sound! Euphonium Mayu Kumiko Oumae

Sound! Euphonium Mayu Kumiko Oumae

The show’s release might still be over half a year away, but Sound! Euphonium is hyping up Season 3 with a new teaser that reveals the brand-new character, Mayu Kuroe.

This latest teaser was shared on the Kyoto Animation official YouTube channel. While it’s quite short at less than a minute, it does provide a nice hook to get fans even more excited.

However, it’s not like fans really need a stronger reason to get hyped up for the new season. After all, Sound! Euphonium is finally returning with a proper continuation after over six years.

Sound! Euphonium Is Coming Back With a Proper New Season

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Sound! Euphonium is a slice-of-life anime series about a high school concert band in Uji, Kyoto. This anime drew a lot of attention back when it premiered in 2015, especially as it was animated by Kyoto Animation.

Thanks to its success, the series got a second season in 2016. Since then, the series has not gotten a proper third season. Instead, only two anime compilation films were released.

Finally, the anime returned just last month with the release of the Sound! Euphonium: Ensemble Contest OVA which got a theatrical release in Japan on August 4, 2023.

This OVA was a long time coming, especially as it has been over six years since the second season ended.

However, the long gap between new content can be explained by the tragic KyoAni arson attack which affected production.

Aside from the new OVA, fans can also look forward to the next season which will come out in 2024. It promises to be an exciting one, especially as it will introduce an intriguing new character.

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Sound! Euphonium Season 3 Teaser Highlights Mayu Kuroe

After sharing the first trailer a few months ago, Sound! Euphonium got another promo video that teases the debut of Mayu Kuroe, a new character who transfers to Kitauji High School.

Aside from the teaser, the anime also shared a visual of Mayu, which shows her appearance. This visual was shared on the anime’s official X (formerly Twitter) account. Check it out here:

While the teaser did not show off Mayu’s entire look, it did reveal that she’s also a euphonium player. It’ll be interesting to see how her dynamic will be with the main character, Kumiko.

Sound! Euphonium Season 3 will premiere in April 2024, though there’s no word yet on a specific release date or streaming release plans outside Japan.

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