16 Aug 2018 9:34 PM +00:00 UTC

Sony’s Venom Expected To Break The Opening Weekend Record For October

Marvel fans might feel conflicted about seeing a Venom origin movie without any sign of Spider-Man in it, but it looks like Sony's Venom is expected to set a new October opening weekend record when it makes its big premiere this year.

Basing their predictions on the interest building up after the release of Venom's second trailer, Box Office Pro now predicts that the film will start out with a $65 to $85 million opening weekend – a large leap from the original $30 million to $50 million forecast that analysts originally gave the film.

The site readjusted their estimates for Venom after the second trailer became the most-watched promotional video from Sony's Spider-Man franchise.


The first promotional video for Venom might have disappointed fans with a simple tease of Eddie Brock's transformation, but seeing Hardy struggle with the symbiote as it takes over his body in the second trailer has somehow managed to pique everyone's attention again.

Now, if Sony manages to sustain the hype that's been building up over Venom, then the film might make it to around $80 million during its opening weekend, though current estimates indicate that the comic book movie is more likely to launch at around $60 million.

Let's wait and see whether Venom can do better when it releases on October 5, 2018.

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