Sony's Morbius Movie Will Reportedly Get its First Teaser Trailer Next Week

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Morbius is the next Sony/Marvel movie coming out, set in the same universe as Venom, which will mostly consist of characters from Spider-Man's rogues gallery, including Spidey himself. A lot of fans actually think that Morbius is in a bit of trouble since the Jared Leto star vehicle does not have any official images or videos, despite coming out this July.

Well, it looks like fans can stop worrying soon since word around the web is that we will soon see a Morbius teaser trailer, really soon too since it will reportedly come out next week during the release of Bad Boys 3. This actually makes a ton of sense since both films are under Sony and they're going to want to promote their next big blockbuster via the company's current one.

Of course, we'll actually have to wait for reports on the Morbius teaser trailer before assuming that this is true. Still, we wouldn't be surprised if it does actually come with the release of Bad Boys 3 since the movie is coming out this year and they seriously need to start marketing it soon. How else are they expecting to make all of that Venom money? Aside from Venom 2 of course.


So, will we actually see a Morbius teaser trailer next week? Does anyone actually have any interest in the Morbius movie? Well, we'll find out sooner or later, that's for sure.

Morbius is currently scheduled for a July 31 release.

Via ComicBookMovie

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