17 Feb 2020 3:15 PM +00:00 UTC

Sony Teases Morbius With MCU Flash Thompson’s Instagram Account

Sony created an Instagram account for Flash Thompson ahead of Spider-Man: Far From Home to tie with up the Flash Mob subplot. Now that Morbius is only a few months away from its premiere, the studio is now starting the hype for the film with the use of Flash's account.

The account shared an Instagram Story of a fan-made front page of The Daily Bugle along with Thompson's reaction to the news. The main headline says "Where is Spider-Man?" as well as a reference to Morbius with a headline seen on the upper left, "A Vampire in New York? 5th Vampire sighting reported in NY." The same main headline was also seen from the set of Morbius reshoots.

Thompson then comments on the news saying that he misses the time when the world wasn't "destroyed by vampires, aliens, and flying robot people."

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Credit: Sony

While it was posted by the account, it is important to note that the newspaper art was fan-made so it is possible that it doesn't establish anything in the film. That being said, the original artwork did have a Daredevil headline. However, it was edited out likely because it didn't have any connection with the film, so the things left out in the post might be teasing Jared Leto's upcoming movie.

This could also indicate that the film won't be taking place in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy universe, instead, it'll have connections with Tom Holland's Spider-Man.

Whatever the news report indicates, fans would have to just wait and find out what happens in Morbius when it hits theaters on July 31.

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