11 Feb 2020 4:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Sony Reportedly Developing a Spider-Woman Solo Movie for the SUMC

Marvel fans were met with surprising news today when Sony Pictures announced its plans to release an untitled Marvel movie in 2021. What was Sony exactly planning to release? Would it tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Would Tom Holland be in it?

Now, according to a new rumor that's begun making the rounds online, Sony is actually working on a solo Spider-Woman movie for Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters. Comic Book Movie details the rumor in its most recent report, and according to the entertainment news outlet, Sony is prioritizing female characters in the SUMC, starting off with a Spider-Woman solo movie. The past two SUMC movies have been dominated by men with Tom Hardy playing Eddie Brock in Venom and Jared Leto playing the titular character in Morbius.

Comic Book Movie believes that Sony wants to fill in the female void by bringing in Spider-Woman, a character with a whole lot of storytelling potential. The publication suggests that Sony and Marvel could share Jessica Drew in a way where the latter uses her moniker and her abilities as Spider-Woman. The former could use the character as a secret agent.


This method is similar to that of Quicksilver, a character that appeared separately in Fox's X-Men movies and in the MCU. Both studios used different actors to play the character and Marvel refused to acknowledge is mutant status and origin in the Marvel movies that he appeared in.

Of course, as exciting as it may seem to have Sony developing a Spider-Woman solo movie, fans have to keep their fingers crossed. Let's wait for some sort of confirmation from the studio first.

Morbius is set for release on July 31, 2020.

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