Sony's El Muerto Movie Receives Discouraging Update

One of the many Spider-Verse films that Sony is currently working on is the El Muerto film that will star Bad Bunny and is based on the Spider-Man character that only appeared in two issues in the comics back in 2006. The project was announced during CinemaCon last year and was slated for release early next year.

So far, the updates that we've only heard about the project is that Jonas Cuaron has been tapped to direct the film while Garreth Dunnet-Alcocer is penning the screenplay. This comes as it is set for release on January 12, 2024, which is just less than 10 months away from now.

Considering that the film is currently set to release in less than a year and production is not yet underway, there have been questions about whether the film will be able to meet its deadline or if it will still happen at all given the lack of development.

Notable insider @bigscreenleaks claimed in a recent tweet that it is "very unlikely" that El Muerto will be able to make its January 2024 date which suggests that the film might be delayed given the lack of recent updates and how time is already ticking in if they want to meet the deadline.

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While Sony has not confirmed these details, it is not surprising that the film might get delayed since it would be impossible for them to finish it in less than a year since filming takes a few months and they will need a lot of time for post-production on the visual effects.

We could also factor in the fact that Bad Bunny might have a busy schedule at the moment and they are figuring out the schedule. There's also a possibility that the filmmakers also just need more time for their pre-production work.

However, the project has not been shelved so we can still count on its release at some point in the future, especially since Sony is keen on expanding the Spider-Verse. For now, let's just wait for more news and updates in the coming weeks or months.

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