Sony Asia Will Give Refunds to Those Who Bought the Wrong Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake proved to be a pretty awesome game, thanks to how it expanded on Midgar and the excellent combat system, along with some of the new elements that helped the story feel fresh. However, if you bought the game on an Asian PSN, there was a 50% chance that you accidentally bought the Japanese/Korean version, even though you clicked on the English version. Thankfully, Sony's got your back since they are getting refunds.

According to Ungeek, Sony Asia already fixed the bug but for those that got the version they didn't want, they will not only get a refund but they get to keep the Japanese/Korean version. I guess that's for fans who might eventually learn how to speak Korean or Japanese? At the least, you can say that you own two versions of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Then again, considering how the game comes at a weighty 80 GB, we don't know why anyone would brag about this. What's important is that people are getting refunds and can play the game in English if they don't understand Japanese or Korean. It also helps that this is an excellent game with some of the best graphics in the current-generation so everyone should be playing this, even if you're a Final Fantasy noob.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available on PS4, with a slight chance of coming to PC and Xbox One or Xbox Series X next year.

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