Final Fantasy VII Remake is Trending on Twitter for Obvious Reasons

In a move that won't surprise anyone, Square Enix's heavily-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake is trending on social media for very obvious reasons. This is a game that fans have been waiting more than a decade for, ever since Square Enix released that "proof of concept" for a remake back when the PlayStation 3 hadn't even come out yet. After years of waiting, gamers finally have the remake in their hands and are letting social media know about it.

Some fans are sharing their art or appreciation for the game, while others are telling people, not to butts and keep spoilers to a minimum. While the general storyline of Final Fantasy VII Remake is common knowledge, the remake actually changes things up and makes for a much fresher experience. So yeah, don't be a butt and keep the spoilers to yourself, especially if you're from one of the countries that got the game early.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was rated highly by critics, which most of us expected after that amazing demo. However, a number of fans are upset that this is only part of the full story, with future installments fleshing out the story in the future. While the first part has given us a lot to sink our teeth into, it does suck that we won't be able to play as Yuffie, Vincent Valentine, or Cait Sith anytime soon.

That being said, this is still a lengthy game with a ton of new content and some of the best-looking graphics in PS4 history. While it might be fueled by nostalgia, we're sure people everywhere will have something to say about Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is the point.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a day away from release so be prepared. Do not look up Final Fantasy VII Remake on social media in case people decided to reveal some spoilers.

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