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Did Episode 6 of Sonny Boy have you believe things couldn't get much weirder? So we'd thought, but then Episode 7 came. Nagara's influence transcends the fates of his own classmates, with the powers he cannot understand affected people he has not even heard of.

In many ways, part 2 of the 12-episodeoriginal started off much, much scarier, and more sinister, not to mention philosophical. At this point, it's better to give up hopes of a fully coherent narrative that will give us clear answers, and simply enjoy the ride!

With several of our characters going their separate ways, we expect to delve into even stranger places - let's just hope that narrative will not stretch itself too thin. Here's all you need to know about Sonny Boy Episode 8:

Sonny BoyOverview and Episode 7Recap

Sonny Boy Episode 8 Release Date and Time
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Credit: Madhouse

Sonny Boy is an original anime by Studio Madhouse. It all starts with a classroom of 36 students on a regular summer day. The day, of course, stops being regular when the high-schoolers are transported into another dimension, school building and all.

Warning: Spoilers below!


Episode 6 showed us that our main characters aren't the only castaways in this mysterious dimension, but now we find out that there are many more of them, all out to literally crucify Nagara, further illustrating him as a Messianic figure.

When Nagara destroys Rajdhani's experiment on some ants and sets them free, he strays away from his friends. Following a mysterious creature with an umbrella-like body and human legs, who moves in ways akin to a bat, he finds himself in yet another dimension, among young workmen who spend their days moving heavy stones - a truly Sissiphian image.

He finds out that they all used to be students in his school, but they went adrift at different times. Knowing that the person who is to blame for their misfortune is called Nagara, he introduces himself as "Nagata" instead and has no option but to join them, as he cannot go back.

The workmen are supposedly building a tower that will take them to Heaven, but this is Sonny Boy we're talking about, so they're instead removing stones from high up and transfer them down - that's how futile their efforts are. Nagara spends some time in this sinister place, eating scary bugs and spending time with the only friend he made, before managing to go back.

By the end of the episode, Hoshi confirms that he no longer hears God talking to him, and several of the students decide to part ways and pursue things that interest them as they try to figure out This World and go home. But what is home anymore?

The opening theme song tells us that "God is nowhere," though, in a sense, he's everywhere in Sonny Boy, pulling invisible threads. The absurdity of it all is oddly delightful to watch and we hope the finale will live up to all this potential

Sonny Boy Episode 8Release Date

Sonny Boy Episode 8 Release Date and Time 1
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Credit: Madhouse

The release date for Sonny Boy Episode 8, titled "Laughing Dog," is going to be next Friday the 3rd of September for subscribed Funimationand Huluusers. International fans might be able to access it from the 2nd of September depending on where they are in the world.

Non-subscribed users will have to wait one more week, until September 10 to watch for free on Funimation. No dub has been announced yet for Sonny Boy, but we're hoping that we can expect one soon.


Sonny Boy Episode 8Release Time

Sonny Boy Episode 8 Release Date and Time 2
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Credit: Madhouse

If all goes as normal, Sonny Boy Episode 8 is scheduled to air next Friday, September 3 at 00:00 PM JST. If the above timeline remains correct, Episode 8 will air in different time zones at or around the following times on Funimation:

Pacific Time: 8:30 AM (September 2)
Central Time: 10:30 AM (September 2)
Eastern Time: 11:30 AM (September 2)
British Time: 4:30 PM (September 2)

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Sonny Boy

Episode 8


Sonny Boy Episode 8 RELEASE DATE


You can watch Sonny Boy Episode 8 online with English subtitles in less than 6 days! Other anime you can watch during the Summer season include The Dungeon of Black Companyand Scarlet Nexus.