28 Apr 2020 3:01 PM +00:00 UTC

Sonic the Hedgehog Gets an Honest Trailer


Sonic the Hedgehog was probably the last movie to be a hit in theaters before the Coronavirus pandemic, and now with the movie being out for a while, Screen Junkies has decided to give us their Honest Trailer take on Sega’s favorite mascot.




In a world where the only thing worse than a movie tie-in video game is a video game tie-in movie, Sega studios will crack the game movie code by making it star a quick furry animal, making them a cop or partnering them up with one, and okay, I’ll say it—making a faster, bluer version of Detective Pikachu.

It’s actually funny that the trailer points out that this is the first film to ever have angry ranting on the internet effectively change it. If you ask me, it was the first positive change that was a result of angry ranting. Let’s not forget angry fanboy ranting is what got us Justice League and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

I also didn’t notice it until it was pointed out, but there is a lot of blatant product placement in the film. I guess the studio really needed that money if they were going to have the artists work more when it came to Sonic’s redesign.

If anything, the movie ended up a huge hit, and a lot of people are hoping for a sequel, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet. I don’t know what to expect for now, but I guess I would prefer just having more of Sonic’s friends rather than spend more time with James Marsden’s Tom character who is just the most boring guy in the film.

Sonic the Hedgehog is now available for home video.

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