Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Officially in Development Ahead of Sequel's Release

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The first Sonic the Hedgehog movie that was released before the pandemic was a huge success at the box office and received well by the audience that it prompted Paramount Pictures to give a go signal to the sequel, which is now set to be released this coming April. Now, ahead of the sequel's release, it looks like we're already getting another Sonic the Hedgehog movie after that.

Per, Paramount Pictures and Sega have announced that they are officially working on a third Sonic the Hedgehog movie ahead of the second film's release this April during the studio's recent investor meeting. However, there is no confirmation yet if the director, writers, and cast members who worked on the first two films will also be returning in the third film.

"We are delighted to announce that the third Sonic theatrical film and the first live-action Sonic series for Paramount+ are being actively developed," Sega Corporation CEO Haruki Satomi said in a statement. "We've got a remarkable partnership with Paramount, and we are excited to continue expanding the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise with them. 2022 is shaping up to be a significant year for the franchise with the second film being released this April, as well as Sonic Frontiers, the highly anticipated video game title, coming this holiday. Sonic has been beloved by fans across the world for over 30 years and we look forward to continuing to bring memorable moments and experiences to them for many years to come."

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It is exciting to hear that a third Sonic the Hedgehog film is already on its way as it means that Paramount Pictures has a lot of confidence in the sequel that they already started working on a third film without waiting on the box office results and the audience and critical response. It also shows that they have a lot of plans for the franchise, especially since they are also working on a TV series for Paramount+.

Right now, it is hard to tell about what the third film is going to be about since we haven't seen the second one yet so we don't know how that story will end that might lead to the third film's storyline. A safe guess right now is that characters like Shadow, Silver, or Amy Rose might appear. We also don't know yet if the key creative team will be returning. Assuming that the respective characters of cast members such as Jim Carrey and James Marden survive the second film, hopefully, they'll also return in the third film. Let's just wait and see how the third film will go.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is set to be released in theaters on April 8.


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