Actor K 2.0: Ko Se Won Confesses Abandoning Pregnant Girlfriend

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Credit: MBC Entertainment

Ko Se Won became the second Actor K who has been embroiled in a controversy involving his ex.

The Korean drama industry was bombarded with bad news when Kim Seon Ho, the lead star of the Netflix hit series Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, was accused of coercing his ex-girlfriend to abort their child. Though he lost most of his ads and projects, he found his way back through Sad Tropical.

Unfortunately, Kim Seon Ho is not the only actor who just nosedived because of an accusation.

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New Actor K's Issue Emerges

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Credit: MBC Entertainment

A post on Pann Nate called out Actor K – who the user referred to as Prince of Housewives – for allegedly leaving her when she got pregnant with his child. The ex-girlfriend who made the post alleged that she suffered from miscarriage following their split. Actor K, instead of fathering her child, threatened to sue her when she asked him to delete NSFW photos of her.

"Actor K divorced in early 2017. I only dated after confirming his divorce. I'm not a cheater. From the early days of dating, he always said he'd marry me if I got pregnant and release articles about it. He'd told me to trust him without worry as he'd take responsibility for me. I believed him and did not use contraceptives," the statement went on, as translated by AllKpop.

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The same woman revealed she contacted Actor K to inform him about his miscarriage in February and sent him a copy of the medical form.

She supported her claims by sharing a screenshot of their conversation wherein K thanked her for giving him macarons and garlic bread.

Ko Se Won Is Actor K Who Left His Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend

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Credit: MBC Entertainment

Actor K's identity was not disclosed in the post. But less than 24 hours since it was posted then deleted, actor Ko Se Won broke his silence and said he is Actor K.

Through his agency, Hunus Entertainment, the actor apologized for his past mistake and assured him he would take responsibility for the things he should have done. He also explained that he ended up separating his wife in 2017 and met the woman in 2020. They reportedly dated for three months before the woman conceived their child.

"There will be an opportunity when I am able to share my honest feelings because there were difficult times. I once again sincerely apologize to those who were discomforted by me," he ended his message.


It remains unknown whether his ex-girlfriend would reveal more details about her accusation after the actor finally apologized to her.

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