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Song Ji Ah Shock: Free Zia’s Drinking, Smoking Photos At Burning Sun Club Now Going Viral

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Credit: Netflix Philippines/YouTube Screenshot

Song Ji Ah, aka Free Zia, is going viral again after photos of her drinking and smoking at the controversial Burning Sun club are circulating online.

Song Ji Ah has been known for being the fan-favorite contender of the hit Netflix reality dating series Single’s Inferno, while Burning Sun became infamous for the scandal that hit the K-pop world in 2019. So, what was the YouTube personality doing there?

Song Ji Ah Spotted at Burning Sun

Pictures of the social media star were first posted on an online community forum obtained by Koreaboo. The post has the title Is this FREEZIA? as she was seen partying at the nightclub with another woman.

In one snap, she was seen holding a pack of Marlboro. In another, she was wearing the same outfit and holding a glass, taken at the same nightclub.

However, the post didn’t reveal when these pictures were taken. So, fans came to the influencer’s defense.

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One fan said she’s already an adult, so smoking should never be a big deal. “Everybody thought Burning Sun was a normal club at first,” another retorted. “An adult is at a club and smoking, who cares?”

However, some also threw negative comments toward Song Ji Ah. Some said she looked cheap, while another revealed they would study the Burning Sun scandal again.

The release of these photos came after the controversial star returned from her social media hiatus.

Song Ji Ah Returned to Instagram

After four months of social media break, Song Ji Ah has finally returned to Instagram.

For starters, she was embroiled in a huge controversy over using fake luxury goods, resulting in her being canceled.

She then admitted to the accusations, deleted all her YouTube videos and Instagram posts and issued a formal apology. From there, she decided to take a social media hiatus.

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However, she recently made an update on Instagram by posting a photo of herself. This time, no branded bags or luxurious items could be seen in her post.

Instead, she looked very simple in her white tee and jeans.

"Thanks to everyone who supported me. I've been well. How have you been?" she wrote in the caption.

Straits Times noted that in just 14 hours of her post, it instantly received 700,000 likes and thousands of comments as fans welcomed her back.

Does this mean she’s making a comeback? No one knows, but she was recently spotted doing charity work in May.

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Catholic House of Love and Peace, known for making and delivering meals for people from low-income neighborhoods near Seoul Station, shared her photo while doing volunteer work.


By the looks of it, fans have to wait and see if Song Ji Ah will be back in the limelight.

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