AB6IX Kim Dong Hyun Dating Rumors: Savior Singer Allegedly Shows Major PDA With Non-Celebrity Woman

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Credit: BRANDNEW MUSIC/YouTube Screenshot

AB6IX’s Kim Dong Hyun is allegedly spotted with a girl in public, fueling dating rumors. The two seem to be on a date while on the streets of Apgujeong-dong.

A netizen created a post on an online community titled “AB6IX's Kim Dong Hyun and his girlfriend, witness account” on Monday, June 6. So, what’s the real deal about it?

Kim Dong Hyun Caught Dating in Public

The post featured three photos of the alleged 23-year-old singer. The first two pictures showed a guy standing next to a woman and giving her a back hug while waiting to cross the street.

“I saw AB6IX's Kim Dong Hyun with a girl yesterday,” the first two images’ of the caption read.

In another snap, he was walking up the stairs inside a building and wearing the same black shirt and carrying a bag that the man in the first photo had.

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"The last one is a photo of the clothes,” the third snap’s caption described. “[Kim Dong Hyun] apparently went like that at dawn, after finishing his fan meeting."

According to Koreaboo, the pictures were taken in the Apgujeong-Dong district of Gangnam. The original poster claimed they had a good look at the guy, confirming it was Kim Dong Hyun.

“Yesterday, while waiting for the cab, I saw him when he took off his cap,” the images’ owner claimed. “As soon as I took the picture, he must have noticed as he walked away while holding the female’s hands.”

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“My friend and I both had a good look at him. Believe what you want. I will delete the picture soon,” the poster added.

Netizens even confirmed that the shirt the guy in the photo was wearing was the same as what the K-pop idol donned when he left a recent fan meeting.

“It sucks that it was right after a fan meeting, it must be heart-breaking for fans,” a netizen said.

Netizens React to Kim Dong Hyun’s Dating Rumors

Meanwhile, netizens reacted to Kim Dong Hyun’s dating rumors as soon as the news emerged. In a post by AllKpop, one fan said that his followers were probably hurt after seeing him on a date following a fan meeting.

Another stressed that though going on a date is not a problem at all, doing it on the same day as his fan meeting is a bigger issue. The commenter even suggested that he should have changed his clothes.

A different netizen chimed in and said he might be aware of his popularity level, considering he was going out in public just like that.

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“Isn’t news of his dating just going to help his popularity?” another asked.

As no one knew the woman he was with, fans wanted to confirm if she was a non-celebrity.

Lastly, the K-pop star was told he was careless for showing a major public display of affection.


As of this writing, Kim Dong Hyun’s agency, Sidus HQ, is yet to address the issue.

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