Single's Inferno Star Song Ji Ah Officially Returns to Social Media After Past Backlash

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Song Ji Ah is officially back online two weeks after sharing her first post in five months.

Song Ji Ah, also known as Free Zia, famously appeared on the hit Netflix series Single’s Inferno. While she left everyone speechless because of her beauty, she also made noises after allegedly using fake products during the show and online.

Viewers noticed she had been wearing imitations of branded products, including a knit Chanel shirt.


Due to the extreme amount of backlash, she took a break for months before returning this month.

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Song Ji Ah Posts Regularly Again

On Thursday, the Single’s Inferno star shared photos of her showing off her unmatched beauty while posing in front of a pink mirror.


Song Ji Ah looked classier while wearing a tank top and jeans. But fans also noticed that she became thinner compared to the last time they saw her.

It came after she posted a photo of herself on June 2, telling her followers she had been well. She also thanked everyone who supported her during her hiatus and asked them what they were up to.

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Aside from using fake luxury goods, she also dealt with rumors that her father is running a room salon.

Despite the backlash, she notably extended her help to the victims of forest fires in Gangwon and Gyeongsangbuk months ago. According to the Korean Red Cross, she donated $16,195. The influencer also asked the organization to use the fund to support emergency relief.

"We thank Song Ji Ah for her warm generosity, and we look forward to her various future activities where she can spread good influence in our society,” the Korean Red Cross went on.

Song Ji Ah Sparks New Rumor?

Although her past issues had already quieted down, a YouTube channel put her under the spotlight again by sharing photos of her inside the infamous Burning Sun club while drinking and smoking.


The nightclub, which was founded in 2018, received scrutiny especially since A-list stars — including former BIGBANG member Seungri — got involved in several allegations, including police corruption, hidden camera footage, drug distribution, and sexual assault, tax evasion, and prostitution.

Still, Song Ji Ah’s fans defended her and told the haters that it was okay since she is already an adult. The online personality also visited the club before the scandals emerged.

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