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Song Ji Ah Is Back! Single's Inferno Star Updates Instagram After Months Of Hiatus

Credit: Knowing Bros / YouTube screenshot

Single's Inferno star Song Ji Ah has returned to Instagram after a long hiatus due to a controversy.

The Youtuber, known for the name Free Zia, is back on social media after five months as she updates her millions of followers.

Song Ji Ah Update: Single Inferno Star Is Back on Instagram

The 25-year-old beauty expressed her gratitude to supporters alongside a sweet message and a photo of her with dark hair.

"Thanks to everyone who supported me. I've been well. How have you been?" she wrote.

As of this writing, Song Ji Ah's Instagram post gained over 400,000 and thousands of comments from her fans, welcoming her back on social media.

In addition, some of the comments also expressed how they missed the Youtuber turned reality star.

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What Really Happened To Single's Inferno's Song Ji Ah?

The 25-year-old beauty is among the fan favorites of the Netflix reality dating show Single's Inferno.

On the island, Song Ji Ah mesmerized three male participants, and apart from it, she also captivated the viewers with her doll-like visuals. With her flashy clothes to glammed up look, the Youtuber can't be seen not dolled up, not even in a single episode.

Interestingly, after the reality show officially wrapped up on January 8, the 12 participants took the world by storm.

From the boy-next-door Moon Se Hoon, the hunky Cha Hyun Seung, to the bubbly An Yea Won, the fitness goddess Kang So Yeon and more, each participant shined in their own way.

Unfortunately, one cast member made headlines for the wrong reasons.

Song Ji Ah receives criticism for using knockoff luxury items.

The YouTuber turned reality star draws flak after she became a topic of various online communities alleging her of sporting counterfeit items in Single's Inferno.

The specific items were the Dior monogram tube top and the Chanel pink knitted blouse that she wore on some of the episodes of the reality dating show.

At the time, Twitter was bombarded with a side-by-side photo of Song Ji Ah and BLACKPINK's Jennie wearing the Channel crewneck from the Spring / Summer 2020 collection, retailing for $2,569.

At the height of Song Ji Ah's controversy, she issued an apology on her official YouTube channel.

The public saw a different Free Zia as the 25-year-old beauty posted the clip without any makeup on.

In a now-deleted video, the Single's Inferno star admitted the accusation saying that it was "partly true."

Moreover, she also expressed how sorry she was and apologized to the brands and followers that got affected by the issue.

"I would like to apologize to the brands who have suffered damage from the issue. I extend my sincere apology to my fans and subscribers as well," she said, adding, "As a person with a dream of launching my own brand, I'll reflect deeply on the latest controversy. I'll have a greater sense of responsibility."

Following the apology video, Song Ji Ah's Instagram featured a handwritten letter expressing her regrets once again for the inconvenience brought by the controversy.

She mentioned that she will reflect upon her actions and will "live more responsibly" in the future.

Since then, Song Ji Ah wiped out all her Instagram posts and has been on hiatus on social media until her recent IG post.

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